reflect-module: Media Aesthetics, Media Technology, Media Theory

Whether pen, paper, software or camera – all these media are not just tools. They have their own potential. Media work and think together with us in our work and in our thoughts. This module is about learning a reflective, theoretically grounded, but also new and fun way of dealing with the media processes of our own art and design practice. Based on exemplary examples of how aesthetic practice, theoretical reflection and experimental research are linked in a medium, students make their own artistic medium the object of study. They research its technology and aesthetics as well as its media-theoretical implications and present their investigation in the form of an artistic-scientific experiment.

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Frederik Frisnedi researching the true data nature of digital images
Maude Christen investigating the marble as sound and painting devic
Laura Schock using maps as media of disorientation
Aline Schüpbach on tootbrushes as medium of experience
Ivana Kutlesa on mirror as medium and the lack of reversal as defamiliarization