Seriality Studies

Video essays on series and seriality

TV Dictionary – Miami Vice

Reading the 80s TV series MIAMI VICE on the basis of that word that designates its central trope, its aesthetic principle, as well as its fundamental philosophical and psychological concept. Part of Ariel Avissar’s TV DICTIONARY

TV Dictionary – Peyton Place

PEYTON PLACE in one word. With help from Merriam-Webster and Gilles Deleuze.

Part of the collection TV DICTIONARY by Ariel Avissar.

Cavell / Cassavetes

As far as I know, Stanley Cavell never wrote about the films of John Cassavates. But I always thought that Cassavetes’ films, so distinctly american, concerned with the ordinary and so jazzy in rhythm would speak to this thinker of the american, of the ordinary and who himself started out as a jazz musician.  But … Cavell / Cassavetes weiterlesen

Practices of Viewing: Loop

A film has a beginning and an end and what happens in between knows only one direction: forward. That would be a banal commonplace if it were only true. But in fact, film for long was not a linear medium, but a circular one. Cinema had no start. It began with repetition. An experiment in … Practices of Viewing: Loop weiterlesen