Sound Studies

A collection of video essays focusing on questions of sound and the unstable coupling of image and acoustics


Sound as matter, sculpted by the videographer’s hand. A scene from an old classic: The femme fatale’s hand touches a dangerous box. Stop the scene and she’s touching a different object – the elusive and ungraspable object of sound. Her gestures seem to mirror my own videographic practice: my fingers on the keyboard transform the … TOUCHING SOUND weiterlesen

synced (for NECSUS)

The coupling of optics and acoustics in cinema never was a natural given, but always a construction and as such highly fragile, dependent on technical equipment, and therefore also open for experimentation. The film „La Boum“ from 1980 is a particularly interesting case in point not only because it contains a surprising scene of synchronisation. … synced (for NECSUS) weiterlesen

Practices of Viewing III: Muted

On Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter the standard setting for videos is „mute“. More than 120 years after its invention silent cinema has become the default mode.

Practices of Viewing: Dubbing

As cinephiles we pride ourselves to watch films in original versions only. Dubbed versions, on the other hand, we consider as a massive and thus unacceptable deviation from how a film is intended to be viewed. And maybe that is true. But what if the practice of dubbing, as disruptive as it might be, could serve … Practices of Viewing: Dubbing weiterlesen

music, crystal, memory

In Wong Kar-Wai’s 2046 the use of music from other sources, from other films, becomes an additional layer to its multi-layered images and narrative. By musical cue the film gets into an intimate conversation with other films. The themes, topics, and obsessions of one melt and merge with the other. And one director at the … music, crystal, memory weiterlesen