Paul Schrader in Discussion

June 2nd 2018 at the Bildrausch Filmfest in Basel I had the opportunity to listen to Paul Schrader lecturing on his seminal book „Transcendental Style in Film“ and his most recent  re-evaluation of its concepts. Afterwards (starting at 00:34:00) I was lucky to join him on the podium for a discussion. (I was particularly happy to sneak in a question about a possible film aesthetics of Kierkegaards „leap of faith“ and hearing Paul talk about the „decisive moment“.)

The video of the event, hosted by Bildrausch in cooperation with Balimage can now be seen on online:


You may also want to check out my close reading of a scene in one of Paul Schrader’s most underrated masterpieces: «Kontakt, gestört: Zu Paul Schraders THE CANYONS»