Atelier: Experimental Aproaches to Literature and Culture

As you know the project you can work on in the Atelier can be a traditional seminar paper, but it can also take a different form like a podcast, a presentation, a website, a game, a video essay, or something completely different.

Different from a scholarly essay there are also other forms which combine academic with artistic research. Here are a few examples. Let them inspire you to further research what interesting ways to engage with literature and culture there are.

Video Essay

For an introduction into the format and hands-on-practices of how to make video essays visit:

Below is a little desktop video essay I started several years ago as a possible example for my students of English literature and I am still not through with it.
It seems fitting that I keep working on this piece that has as its topic the question of textual transformation. The version you see now is only temporary. A ghost.

Here’s another video essay, very different in style, dealing with literary text and adaptation:

For an overview onto some of the most interesting video essays made recently, you should visit:


There are numerous podcast dealing with literature. But as a podcast produced by professors and students of literature check out this example by Prof. Dr. Ana Sobral on rap around the globe:

Or check out this podcast by the British Library, that combines discussions of what a library is provides with discussions of individual literary texts:


Websites can become archives and resources in which you not only collect literary, and cultural texts but also provide access to further research. Again, here’s an example by my colleague Ana Sobral:

Computer Game:

Here’s an example by Andrew Burn who works on how to get young students acquainted with literary texts through computer games. His project „Playing Beowulf“ can be visited here:

A book chapter on the project and the combination of literature with computer games can be downloaded here: