On TOUCHING SOUND and video essay practice

Filmexplorer 8.11.2018 ///

Ruth Baettig and Giuseppe Di Salvatore from the online film magazine Filmexplorer sat down with me during the Kurzfilmtage Winterthur to talk about my video essay TOUCHING SOUND, which was screened in the festival’s national competition, the relation between theory and practice and the potentials of the video essay format in general.

For a review of my video essay by Giuseppe Di Salvatore also visit: http://www.filmexplorer.ch/detail/johannes-binotto-touching-sound/

«…exploring a dimension that goes beyond the compact delivery of a story. If Gilles Deleuze has considered cinema as a way of thinking, in Touching Sound Binotto seems to use his essayistic thought on the cinematic elements to make – literally (build and rebuild) – cinema.»